Most In Europe and the United States: The most popular thing to wear in summer is not the fresh water pink, but the dazzling fluorescent color!

Recently, editors who frequently watched European and American street beats found a new wave of trends, that is, fluorescent colors. Perhaps the light water pink has been popular for a long time, everyone is tired, and the appearance of fluorescent color is like injecting a kind of cardiotonic agent into the chest of fashion people. Even in the hot summer, they should wear fluorescent colors to go out.

Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk wears the brightest fluorescent yellow in the fluorescent color, with military green overalls and orange Converse shoes. This set of colors is a bit nice and a bit of a school.

名模Romee Strijd和Sara Sampaio @2019年Coachella音乐节街拍
Supermodel Romee Strijd and Sara Sampaio 2019 Coachella Music Festival Street Shoot

The supermodel Romee Strijd also wore fluorescent colors during the festival, and even on the night of “reaching the fingers”, Romee Strijd jumped and grabbed.

Hailey Bieber Street Shoot

The whole set of fluorescent colors is the easiest to catch people’s attention, and Hailey Bieber provides us with a good demonstration. Fluorescent yellow T-shirt with slightly darker fluorescent green sweatpants, one deep and one shallow, the overall match is very important.

杨幂2019年3月29日杭州机场街拍:身着We11done荧光绿帽衫,斜挎路易·威登LV (Louis Vuitton) Vintage牛仔包,踩阿迪达斯经典三叶草 (adidas Originals) 运动鞋,戴同品牌棒球帽准备前往大连
Yang Mi is wearing a We11done fluorescent green hoodie

Yang Mi fashion smell is super sensitive, preemptively put on the shiny fluorescent green.

Hailey BieberJustin Bieber

The dynamic fluorescent color is originally a special favorite of sports street style, so any street-style, retro-style items can be replaced with fluorescent colors, such as this shoulder-shoulder blazer on Hailey Bieber.

Hailey Bieber

In the seemingly low-key black and white everyday mix with some jumping fluorescent colors, the resulting fashion contrast is the street style of fun.

As the fluorescent green inside is very eye-catching, but it can coexist harmoniously with the low-key khaki, which is more interesting than the ordinary white.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, the number one queen, can of course not be absent. This fluorescent blue tight skirt is probably a CP with her supercar.

Helena Bordon穿蓝色连身裙在秀场外街拍
Helena Bordon wears a blue dress on the street outside the show

Traveling tide, take a cool love skirt, leisurely and a hundred percent

Don’t say that in addition to the three-foot ice, otherwise there are fashionable girls, there must be a lively and beautiful swaying skirt. In fact, the concise point is that there are skirts where there are girls. Yes, it’s clear that the girls who love to wear skirts are more or less soft and care for the ease and leisure of each time period. Whether it’s commuting out of the street or traveling, it’s everywhere.


01 I want to say the most beautiful encounter in the fall, the combination of fresh and quiet playfulness, half as pure as the sky, half as deep as the ocean, and then think about the expectations of those small flowers and grasses, can be like painting In general, the poetry got into love and moved his mind.


02 Three-point light and seven-point lazy, probably the design concept of pajamas fashion, temptation in the most unguarded time period, both the heart and the eye, or put down the burden inside, only the girl and the girl in the eyebrows It can bring its own fragrance, which is comparable to the first refreshing in the morning with the wind.


03 Passionate and passionate, I am moved by the fashion girl who loves to wear red and red dress. Every moment, she is independent of the fallen, and is full of atmosphere and dignity. It is like the confident extension of the happiest day of life. Hey, the main ring of the main block can not stop.


04 Even though there are 10,000 handsome in the inside, the moment when the long shirt is over the knee, there is a qualitative change. A little soft and a bit stunned, the white light reveals the true and goodness of the youth, and the skirt Yeah, the shirt is worth it, and the beautiful can’t change.


05 Fall in love with this bright pink, but after all, it is still a girl’s dream, the pleated wrinkled wooden ear, the carved body streamline deliberately shows the little girl’s playful eye-catching, obsessively close to the princess dream is going through time and space, Exquisite and delicate, freehand and grandeur.


06 If the flowers in full bloom in the night sky are tireless, just the beauty of the encounter is just right, the simple and beautiful wishes are like the deep V-neck, the thin shoulders and the thin face add sexy, the tie waist A is restrained, not for Zhang mad, no publicity, intellectual nature, elegant and natural.


07 Some people say that cheongsam is the most beautiful clothing in the world, not because it is sexy, not because it is glamorous, but because of the love that has been assembled for thousands of years, the crossover does not have to be a self-cultivation package, and it can also be done in minutes. Even quietly flowering, silent eye-catching becomes the highlight of the charm.


08 Straight lines go straight to say that it is not soft, but it is the deep love of fashion girls. The root of the source is nothing more than its sense of freedom between simple and prosperous. Fortunately, this arc-opening sleeve gown, each The pen seems to be unintentional, but in reality it is the fresh and elegant complementarity.