Summer beauty in 2019, 9 vintage dresses you can’t miss!

The dress is indispensable in the wardrobe of every beautiful woman, and the elegant vintage dress is also elegant and generous. It can reflect the inner charm of the woman. It is quiet and elegant when standing still, and it is graceful when walking. Here we recommend 9 dresses, this year’s popular retro style, so you can’t bear to miss it.

French lace dress

Vintage dress

Put on this vintage dress, even the feeling is sweet, the combination of print + lace elements, always impressed, which Miss sister does not have a literary retro heart? The retro version adds French romanticism, orderly floral patterns, cute ghosts, lace stitching but sexy and glamorous, tangled dresses, and a vintage dress that makes you beautiful.

Vintage waist V-neck dress

Vintage dress

This summer, there are so many dresses, you can’t miss the retro dress. The color of the matcha green adds a cool feeling to the hot summer. The gentle and quiet feeling, the collar breaks the conventional design and adds highlights to the whole shape. The chest has a sleek arc cut, and the chest lines are decorated to make your body look bumpy. With the bow decoration, it is very sweet. In the hot summer, do you need some special wearing costumes?

Vintage print dress

Vintage dress

With a vintage print dress with a sense of 50s and 60s, it’s very embarrassing to walk. The lace stitching on the large area of the chest is particularly sexy. It is no longer a low design. With the printing elements, it’s just that the little fairies can’t meet. The retro dress, with a row of small buttons on the chest, is very careful, exquisite and retro, and indispensable to the sweetness of its own, consistently get a great like! Suitable for summer wear, comfortable and cool, very beautiful.

Vintage lace dress

Vintage dress

Whenever a vintage dress strikes, it will not control the heart, the retro temperament vintage dress, the retro style, who will be attracted to the eye, the skirt is accompanied by a pattern of yellow roses, scattered in the chaos The skirt is precisely because of this, but the whole shape has a more intense retro style, full of enthusiasm, full of charm, inadvertently always attract attention, let people indulge in it.

High waist skirt dress

Vintage dress

Regardless of the design, or the retro dress with a beautiful color, the sleek stitching skirt is a fashionable design, which makes the whole shape more unique and unique. The high waist design is difficult, especially the shape of the square collar. Elegant and generous, the upper body is simple and complicated, and the harmonious combination of the upper body, the uppercase looks good, the cute and the cute and the temperament coexist, always let you put it down.

Plaid stitching dress

Vintage dress

The foggy green gives a fresh sense of freshness. It does not mix a single design with various tones, and incorporates the fashionable elements of the plaid. The small fresh style does not look very sweet. Do you have any highlights? The streamers are spliced on one side to create a sense of asymmetry. It is chic and beautiful. The shape of the puff sleeves is a big love for the girls with small arms. It hides the flesh on the arm and the whole shape is retro and elegant. There is no doubt that it is a must-have vintage dress in the little fairy wardrobe.

Apron waist dress

Vintage dress

A vintage dress with gentle power, beautiful and unobtrusive rhythm, gentle and pleasant, large-scale smocked waist design, put on your sexy and young girls, light blue color, very gentle and very clear However, it has a trace of high-cold, three-dimensional oil painting pattern, retro and charming, exudes a strong French retro sense, put on it, who is not a beautiful little fairy.

French open back dress

Vintage dress

In the beautiful summer, Xiaobian recommends this French retro dress, which is still the printing element of the young ladies and sisters. It gives people unlimited innocence and fresh charm. Don’t underestimate the design. In fact, the back is full of careful machine, using dew The design of the back adds eye-catching highlights, allowing you to enjoy the sexy charm in the summer, and the square collar design is decorated with small buttons. It is very beautiful, put on it and find an elegant and sweet look that belongs to you. .

Square collar waist dress

Vintage dress

The literary retro-inspired printed dress, individuality and not sweet, gentle and elegant, this year’s retro pop style is strong and powerful, there is no reason to reject its exquisite beauty, smart and elegant, the most intriguing is the hem of the hem The printed pattern is fresh and charming. How can a retro girl miss such a beautiful dress? The waist pleated design is just the welfare of a girl with a small belly. It doesn’t look like a belly. The screen is fresh and free. The retro feel of the people has to be experienced once.

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