If you don’t wear a vintage dress, how do you know how it feels

Retro is not equal to old-fashioned, sometimes adding a retro feel to the wear, you can make the overall look more emotional. The gorgeous retro style has been romantic, and it is difficult for anyone to resist its strong offensive. So, what are you still hesitating? Put on it and you will have all the styles that belong to you.

vintage dress

Summer is a dull and a bit of a sluggish season. In this season, the most suitable interpretation is the elegance and grandeur of the retro style. Speaking of this elegance and gorgeousness, the first thing that comes to mind is the red dress in front of you. The dazzling color defends the unique beauty. How can such domineering power win your heart?

vintage dress

The basic knit stitching skirt is the best choice for dealing with the temperature difference in autumn. The knitting of the upper body is responsible for providing the temperature, and the half skirt of the lower body is responsible for providing the grace, plus the embroidery decoration throughout the body. With this dress alone, you can create a new height in this early autumn.

vintage dress

Gorgeous beading climbs over the cuffs and neckline, making the original elegant little black dress immediately become more noble. Don’t underestimate these beading decorations, it is with them that this makes the dress rise again. The skirt looks more advanced, naturally you will look more temperament.

vintage dress

Luxury has a luxurious beauty, simple and simple. Some people will like the bright red dress, and some people will like the plain dress. Although the white is not so conspicuous in the crowd, with the advantages of the hip skirt and the split fork, it can afford the word charm.

vintage dress

Entering the autumn and winter, it is inevitable to deal with the dark, but for those girls who still have a girl’s heart, leaving the pink and tender print is too terrible, so now the temperature is not too low, the girls are rushing Wear a colorful print skirt.

vintage dress

Retro is to be absolutely gorgeous, but this gorgeous is not the same as exaggeration. I believe that every girl has done such a princess dream: wearing the most luxurious dress, the most exquisite makeup, at the dinner and his favorite spark. That kind of scene, that kind of mood, seems to have only a large enough skirt to prove it for you.

vintage dress

Add a piece of the inside, the summer exclusive vest skirt can regain the fall of the fall. The enchanting red flowers bloom with the beautiful aroma of retro style, with the calmness and restraint of black, and the extremely elegant and charming interpretation of the present is extremely pure and extremely thorough.

vintage dress

Elegant prints, like the paints of the painter, are strong and profound, and seem to use all the energy to express their enthusiasm for life. The green agility contrasts with the gradual chilly autumn landscape. Even if the world is ridiculous, if you decorate it, you will not feel monotonous.

Most In Europe and the United States: The most popular thing to wear in summer is not the fresh water pink, but the dazzling fluorescent color!

Recently, editors who frequently watched European and American street beats found a new wave of trends, that is, fluorescent colors. Perhaps the light water pink has been popular for a long time, everyone is tired, and the appearance of fluorescent color is like injecting a kind of cardiotonic agent into the chest of fashion people. Even in the hot summer, they should wear fluorescent colors to go out.

Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk wears the brightest fluorescent yellow in the fluorescent color, with military green overalls and orange Converse shoes. This set of colors is a bit nice and a bit of a school.

名模Romee Strijd和Sara Sampaio @2019年Coachella音乐节街拍
Supermodel Romee Strijd and Sara Sampaio 2019 Coachella Music Festival Street Shoot

The supermodel Romee Strijd also wore fluorescent colors during the festival, and even on the night of “reaching the fingers”, Romee Strijd jumped and grabbed.

Hailey Bieber Street Shoot

The whole set of fluorescent colors is the easiest to catch people’s attention, and Hailey Bieber provides us with a good demonstration. Fluorescent yellow T-shirt with slightly darker fluorescent green sweatpants, one deep and one shallow, the overall match is very important.

杨幂2019年3月29日杭州机场街拍:身着We11done荧光绿帽衫,斜挎路易·威登LV (Louis Vuitton) Vintage牛仔包,踩阿迪达斯经典三叶草 (adidas Originals) 运动鞋,戴同品牌棒球帽准备前往大连
Yang Mi is wearing a We11done fluorescent green hoodie

Yang Mi fashion smell is super sensitive, preemptively put on the shiny fluorescent green.

Hailey BieberJustin Bieber

The dynamic fluorescent color is originally a special favorite of sports street style, so any street-style, retro-style items can be replaced with fluorescent colors, such as this shoulder-shoulder blazer on Hailey Bieber.

Hailey Bieber

In the seemingly low-key black and white everyday mix with some jumping fluorescent colors, the resulting fashion contrast is the street style of fun.

As the fluorescent green inside is very eye-catching, but it can coexist harmoniously with the low-key khaki, which is more interesting than the ordinary white.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, the number one queen, can of course not be absent. This fluorescent blue tight skirt is probably a CP with her supercar.

Helena Bordon穿蓝色连身裙在秀场外街拍
Helena Bordon wears a blue dress on the street outside the show