The white T-shirt is so fashionable, it is no wonder that there are 100 pieces in the wardrobe!

In the women’s clothing items, it can be said that the T-shirt is the most basic and simple, the most versatile, hot summer, want to refresh the feel, T-shirt is the most suitable, and quickly look at the trendy mix of these T-shirts Well, even if your wardrobe has 100 T-shirts, it’s not too much.

T-shirt with jeans

When you get a T-shirt, first consider what you want to wear. I believe that many girls first think of jeans, do not need to deliberately concave shape, you can easily match the fashionable effect, to achieve the natural and fashion feel, want to make the overall match more colorful, you can try to give T-shirt Knotted, waisted, oh, casual and good-looking, add a trendy index!

T-shirt with shorts

In the hot summer, how to feel how to wear it, I believe that matching shorts is a good choice, especially high-waist shorts, it will appear more leg length, feel free to feel a refreshing and casual feel, feel free There is a belt on the ground, which is very old-fashioned. When you go out, wear a pair of sunglasses. This kind of fan is really cool!

T-shirt with skirt

If you use a T-shirt with a more sweet wearing effect, choose a skirt to create a sense of age and small freshness. Each material skirt has a different effect, the leather is cool, and the chiffon is Lightly cooked, the lotus leaf is sweet, all kinds of styles are casually worn, and the whole will become more temperament. I believe that the white T can match the various skirts with perfect results!

Medium long T-shirt single wear

The long white T-shirt is also pretty cool and pretty, especially the OVERSIZE version, the loose and casual feeling, especially suitable for the dull and hot summer, experience the most popular blouse missing in the moment, put T-shirts are worn as skirts and have always been the favorite of girls. The simple style looks very ok, and the exposed long legs are full of summer atmosphere!

T-shirt with small suspenders

Summer is like wearing a different feeling than others. The dressing with the stacking has always been very popular. Girls who like to wear fresh clothes may wish to try a small sling, so that the overall look is even more There is a sense of hierarchy, ageing and cute, and the fashion will be more doubled. Going to the street, the rate of return is quite high!

T-shirt with ice sleeves

Recently, it is also very popular in this way of stacking and dressing. Even if the weather is hot again, it can’t resist the sexy, long-sleeved shirt that is brought to us. The short-sleeved shirt is very fashionable as a stack. Or use the ice sleeves to wear a concave shape, to create a different feeling, but also to play a sunscreen effect, girls who like the fresh wearing feeling can try!

T-shirt with wide-leg pants

Summer casual and good-looking T-shirts, or choose T-shirts with wide-leg pants are more comfortable and casual, black and white tones, classic look-and-feel will not go wrong, very youthful, simple wear style, often The most fashionable, with a pair of classic canvas shoes, how to wear youth, how to wear shopping, I think you will like it!

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