Vintage literary wild dress with a skirt to interpret your temperament

Every woman has her own beauty, her own style, some beauty is amazing and introverted, the dress brought today, the style of retro art is a quiet beauty, see if these skirts are your favorite?

Vintage dresses

Vintage solid color dress

The fresh green and green, the elegant and luxurious of the wisteria, the two skirts are different in color, the loose middle and high waist, the elegant and the slender, the waist design of the waist is very good to modify the proportion of the body, but it is not bloated.

Vintage dresses

Literary retro waist dress

It is a very versatile dress. The style of the literary retro can’t help but feel like a heart. The touch of green is full of joy, and the cotton linen is smooth and refreshing. It is the cool feeling that summer pursues.

Vintage dresses

Vintage tie-dyed print dress

Exquisite and eye-catching tie-dyed printed dress, the upper body has a quiet literary temperament, the mottled color of the skirt, as if flowing, the more charming and charming, with the cardigan beautiful.

Vintage dresses

Literary dress

The versatile literary and silk-printed dress, with a high-return skirt, is suitable for a variety of occasions. The upper body is decorated with a tall and slender figure, plus a charming oil painting-like color, especially for the complexion.

Vintage dresses

Hook flower hollow dress

Very beautiful embroidered peach-pink dress, lace sleeves exquisite and beautiful, water-soluble lace on the neckline and chest, big A skirt and big lace on the bottom of the skirt, beautiful and moving.

Vintage dresses

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